The asset managers at Tiedemann Realty Services look out for an owner's best interest every day.

Asset managers maximizing the return on investment and value of the property for owners. They are skilled at streamlining operations and adjusting a property to reduce costs and increase income. They provide financial analysis and make recommendations to the owner based on the financial impact to the property. They also prepare annual budgets and work toward improving the net operating income of a property.

Our Services:

  • Perform due diligence for acquisition or disposition of property and provide recommendations
  • Negotiate on behalf of the owner
  • Prepare long term financial forecasts
  • Perform cash flow analysis and compute internal rate of return in order to determine a property’s financial performance
  • Determine value of a property and what can be done to increase the value
  • Find and work with lenders
  • Market an asset to increase revenue
  • Negotiate third party contracts